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An SAPVoice article that appeared in Forbes by Judith Magyar recently suggested that cloud technology in Brazil is poised to create an environment of expansion and growth. Although there is a possible perception that this region is not up to date with the latest systems, in actuality many businesses at different levels and sizes could take advantage of SAP cloud service options to enhance their performance.
Magyar references the ways that Brazilian enterprises stand to benefit from cloud technology: while smaller, local outfits can sign up for services on a monthly basis that help them conduct basic business functions, larger businesses can use the different integrated options to make implementing a cloud strategy easier to attract more customers.
"Cloud adoption is gaining traction all over the world, but it's growing especially fast in Latin America," Magyar writes. "Companies in this region understand the benefits of doing business in the Cloud; now they want to know how to use it and what to invest in."
Some specific cloud growth predictions come from consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan, which recently surveyed 313 Brazilian companies regarding private cloud investments during this year. Information from that source referenced in an Infotech Lead article indicates that more than 40 percent currently use the cloud, and almost a quarter are looking to deploy cloud options for the first time this year.
Incorporating the ERP options that are most useful for an international business requires knowledgeable workers that are comfortable in the target environment. Bilingual SAP consultants and bilingual Oracle consultants know what will be expected in the Brazilian professional sector and will give companies the assistance they need in making cloud-based solutions easy. Prepare for the possible growth in cloud-based business activity here by turning to these experts sooner than later.

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